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It should be titled as a game not a movie.
Refreshing once you fall is just for a stupid and lazy dev.
This shouldn't even be allowed on the site. If you made this (Which I doubt) you should be ashamed, students do better work.

Metapod used sympathize! Metapod is now depressed... XD I love it!

Morcov is being a dramatic ninny. This was amazing to see, and the voice acting was alright.

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From an art/message standpoint, fantastic. From a game standpoint terrible.
To start there is no drive to actually play the game, coupled with the fact that the different disabilities have different levels of difficulty, while the disabilities are randomly generated makes the game "potentially very unfair", as you call it. This isn't good in terms of game design at all. I'd think of putting an interface in that lets you choose your disability. Then fact that you have varied jump force, with the amount of timed jumps isn't great either.

You didn't really fit the "You only get one" theme either, hiding the fact that you could just refresh the page to alter your game isn't only allowing one thing.. and you certainly didn't mean one life, because you mean for us to die.

I liked the message you portray, however the medium in which you have brought about that message is frustrating. People do not care about artist's message for the most part anyway (I don't have to tell you this seeing all the zero stared ratings). It's not that your game is "bad", it is the fact that it is not a part of a movement. Had this been on a web page or blog supporting people with disabilities (And the signs removed) it would have that movement behind the message you give.
Thanks for the experience.

The ai.... THE AI. Ugh man the ai kills this game completely. :(

Fancy pants with an attack button.. I don't know what more you could ask for.

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Man I want dem nudes! Lol. "Coming for You", "Ready or not", "Groovin' ", that's what I've got for now.

Envy responds:

;) wink

We came to party

OMG! YAY YAY YAY :D That's all I have to say.
Great job! (Nothing new there!!! You always surpass expectations.)

Envy responds:

Thanks <3

Love and kisses.

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I can't wait to see it! :D I'm sure it'll be great!

Annnnnnnnnd.... Orgy. Haha, can't wait to see how this plays out, although I think I may know where this is headed

Fuck off if you rate 0-2 stars, because "I don't like et cuz it don havz bewbs", "I'll only rate good if u stick to full female". The work is commissioned so you can't rate on what the subject is, you can only truly rate the principals of art/design.

You're fucking stupid if you think anyone gives a shit about your review stating what you like to look at verses critiquing the attention to detail. Also I'd like to point out that if you don't read the author comments before writing a review you've totally eliminated the reason that they're there for.

Good job Shad, like always.

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